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Just starting out in Tennis? 

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For players already at Intermediate level.

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Pinehaven Junior Interclub


Approach Tennis is primarily based at Pinehaven Tennis Club. This section is for Pinehaven Juniors information,  coaching times, schedules,  notices,  and events.

Approach Tennis Juniors

Junior Coaching Philosophy

Approach Tennis subscribes to the principles of the Hot Shots Program. Please see below for information pertaining to each stage.

The Hot Shots program is structured in a way that allows a junior player to get enjoyment from the game at a much earlier stage than if fully inflated yellow balls were used.  This is the No1 priority when coaching a junior, keeping them engaged and enthused.

Every child is an individual, and as such whilst Approach embraces the Hot Shots program, we recognize that some players develop 'earlier', and some 'later', so each junior has a specialized program tailored to meet their needs, and challenge them at the level they need to be challenged in order to progress.

Hot Shots Stages



 Blue Stage Launchpad | 

Ages 3-4 yrs
At Blue Ball children begin by exploring fundamental and perceptual motor skills and tennis basics. 



 Red Stage (25% compression ball) | 

Ages 5-7 yrs
Children are in the early stages of tennis skills development and primarily learning fundamental tennis co-ordination exercises. Rallying with movement and control is not yet achieved. 



 Orange Stage (50% compression ball) | Ages 8-9 yrs
Children start to rally with movement and control to some degree. Competitive play (serve, return and rally) is introduced. Strokes can be completed with some success. Player can also judge where the ball is going and can sustain a short rally of slow pace. 



 Green Stage (75% compression ball) | 

Ages 10-11 yrs
Fairly consistent when hitting medium paced shots, not yet comfortable with all strokes. Improved control over depth, direction and power. 



 Yellow Stage (100% compression ball) | Ages 12+ yrs
Technique has developed for improved shot control. Can rally with consistency with more power. improved court coverage, net play and doubles team work.